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PAC's name: Performing Arts Center at Garrett College

Board's decision emphasizes community mission of facility, which opens in 2022

The Performing Arts Center at Garrett College will be the official name of the new facility currently under construction on the college’s McHenry campus.

The Garrett College Board of Trustees last Tuesday unanimously approved the new name for the facility, which had previously been known as the Community Education and Performing Arts Center (CEPAC). Dr. Brenda McCartney, vice-chair of the Garrett College Board of Trustees, said the new name is meant to emphasize the center’s community mission.

“This is a community facility that will be located at Garrett College,” said Dr. McCartney. “While the College is honored to be the site for the PAC, we’re only one partner in a community-based initiative. We are excited that the Garrett Lakes Arts Festival, Garrett County Arts Council, Garrett County Public Schools, and Garrett County Government are all partners with us in this initiative.”

Dr. Richard Midcap, Garrett College’s president, said the name change was in line with the College’s ongoing efforts to emphasize the partnerships required to operate a successful performing arts center in Garrett County.

“Collaborative relationships define Garrett County,” said Dr. Midcap. “I’m so pleased to have partners like GLAF, the Garrett County Arts Council, the Board of Education, and county government to ensure the PAC’s success.”

The Performing Arts Center at Garrett College – a $21 million renovation and expansion project – is on schedule to open in late spring of 2022. The facility will include renovation of a space that previously served as the college gymnasium and expansion of the footprint to include state-of-the-art space for the college’s Continuing Education and Workforce Development (CEWD) division.

Mary Callis – executive director of both the PAC and GLAF – and Dean of Continuing Education and Workforce Development Julie Yoder presented the PAC’s 2021-2024 business plan at the January Board of Trustees meeting. The plan provided detailed revenue and expense projections indicating the facility will have long-term fiscal sustainability.

“The plan Mary and Julie provided gives me great confidence that the center will address the needs of county residents for performing arts opportunities in a fiscally responsible manner,” said Don Morin, chair of the Garrett College Board of Trustees.

Recent photo of the construction progress on the Performing Arts Center at Garrett College, courtesy of Leonard S. Fiore, Inc. General Contractors.