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Chaneys' PAC gift has special meaning

Sound engineer Bryan Chaney understands role of sound mixing position

Charlotte and Bryan Chaney knew they wanted to make a gift to support the Performing Arts Center at Garrett College – and Bryan Chaney had a specific function in mind in selecting the gift.

“Charlotte and I love music and the arts and we believe Garrett County needs and deserves a top-quality facility for the community,” said Bryan Chaney. “I’m also a sound engineer and mix sound for bands. I wanted to sponsor the sound mixing position to emphasize how important it is to design a facility properly as had been the case with the PAC.”

Mary Callis, executive director of the PAC, echoed Bryan Chaney’s comments about the high-quality design developed for the PAC.

“DLR Group – the architect for the PAC – and the college’s design team both included experts in audio mixing equipment,” said Callis. “We knew, as Bryan noted, the importance of having the proper sound mixing equipment for a facility of this type.”

Bryan Chaney said he and his wife strongly feel Garrett County’s rural community needs the type of facility currently under construction at Garrett College.

“Just because Garrett County is very far from the large metro areas that typically have great performing arts facilities doesn’t mean our county doesn’t also need one,” he said. “We have great talent in this area and residents who appreciate excellent quality performing arts.

“This facility may encourage more people to participate in the arts that otherwise may not have and that’s a great thing,” he added.


Bryan Chaney, right, and wife Charlotte Chaney have named the sound mixing position with their gift to the Performing Arts Center at Garrett College. The PAC is scheduled to open next spring.

“I’m so grateful to the Chaneys for their generous gift to the PAC fundraising campaign,” said Dr. Richard Midcap, Garrett College’s president. “The Garrett College Foundation set a very ambitious, $2.5 million goal – the biggest campaign in the Foundation’s history – in order to create an endowment that will annually generate funding to defray PAC costs.

“We’re raised more than $2.2 million in gifts and pledges already thanks to the Chaneys and so many other community-minded individuals and organizations who have been part of this campaign,” added Midcap.

Cherie Krug, executive director of the Garrett College Foundation, agreed.

“The community support of the campaign has been impressive and inspirational,” said Krug.

The Performing Arts Center at Garrett College is set to open next spring.